Welcome! I am an assistant professor of cooperative extension (also known as a cooperative extension specialist) at UC Berkeley in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management focused on water justice policy and planning. Prior to coming to Berkeley, I was a NSF postdoctoral fellow at the Luskin Center for Innovation at UCLA.  I received my PhD in the Graduate Group in Ecology at the University of California Davis in 2021 before which I worked for Community Water Center in Visalia, California. 

I strongly believe that research can and should play an important role in advancing policy that empowers community water managers and impacted residents as leaders and experts and supports thriving, equitable, and sustainable rural communities. I am committed to leveraging my research and extension program towards these ends and am grateful to do this work alongside so many dedicated and passionate partners. 

You can download a recent version of my CV here

Outside of work I can often be found hiking, running, or telemark skiing and/or doting on my two adorable rescue pups, Rhyolite and Ouzel